Light Commercial

VersaTube structures are ideal for a variety of light commercial applications such as workshops, storage buildings, warehouses and maintenance sheds.

All commercial structures come with an installation video and assembly instructions.

Light Commercial Building Highlights

All-steel framing system uses primarily 2"x4" heavy gauge steel tubing that is resistant to rust, fire and rot.

  • Patented "Slip-Fit" connections contribute to the ease and speed of assembly
  • 40' span buildings come in 8' to 16' heights
  • 40' span buildings require a concrete pier for each frame assembly or a concrete footing
  • Can be raised to any height with a concrete foundation and wall.
  • Standard 3:12 roof pitch customizable from 2:12 to 7:12
  • Engineered to address local snow & wind load conditions
  • Compact packaging makes for cost-effective delivery
  • Kits include all framing and hardware, garage door, pedestrian door, insulation, screws, anchors, gaskets, sheeting, flashing, manual and drawings to complete the structure.

Concrete, windows and installation are not included

CSA Certified