Underground Piping Options

Insulated underground pipingEconomy Double Line

Our insulated underground piping is made in custom lengths, using a 1" pex pipe supply and return, double wrapped in a high quality reflectix insulation, and run through a 4" solid Big-O plastic piping for the ultimate water-resistance. Easy to install!

Economy Double Double Line

This underground line has double the insulation of the Economy Double Line and comes in a 6" Big-O pipe.

Insulated underground piping - 3 (three) lineEconomy Triple Line

Available with an extra 3/4" line for domestic water to a shop, greenhouse, etc.




Thermoflex® - High Performance Foam Insulated Pex Pipes

Closed cell polyethylene foam which provides thermal performance and protection against water migration



Dual Pex FlexDual Pex Flex

Bonded polyurethane foam insulation in a smooth polyethylenejacket. Standard coil is 567 ft. $100 cutting fee to create custom length from full coil.