Plate Exchangers

These Brazed Plate Water to Water Exchangers are available in multiple sizes to suit all of your applications, from a hot water tank setup to a boiler for a home, or an instant hot water setup for a carwash. They can be hooked up to your hot water tank either on the intake, which provides instant hot water when you turn on the tap, or so that the water from your tank circulates continuously through it, providing the capacity of your hot water tank.

Syphon Exchangers

Our Syphon Water to Water Exchangers are made using a continuous 3/4" Copper Tube run through a 2" Copper Tube. The cold water from your tank will run through the 3/4" tube, and the hot water from your outdoor furnace runs through the outer 2" tube. Entering the tube at the bottom, the cold water begins to rise as it heats, until it spills out the top of the syphon and back into the tank. It does all the work itself; no pump required! These syphons are made in custom lengths in order to fit your tank properly.

Pool Exchangers

These stainless steel heat exchangers are used for heating swimming pools and hot tubs.