WoodMaster Ultra


The WoodMaster Ultra Series pellet furnace is powered by the Renovator 20kW or 30kW. Its fully automatic P.L.C. (Progammable Logic Control) allows ease of operation and the burn back protection keeps it operating safely. With its compact design, the Ultra Series furnace is self lighting, self cleaning and has a large ash storage.

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  • Fire Box: 23.5" x 24"
  • Door Size: 16" x 16"
  • Thickness: 3/16" Fire Drum & Water Jacket
  • Draft Control: Fan
  • Overall Size: 3.75' x 4.33' x 5.8'
  • Water Capacity: 60 gallons
  • Heating Capacity 20 kW Burner: 68,000 Btu
  • Heating Capacity 30 kW Burner: 102,000 Btu


  • High Efficiency Renovator burner with automatic ignition
  • Easy access ash door in front for quick and easy ash maintenance
  • Large ash box for longer intervals between cleaning
  • Efficient heat transfer tubes
  • Rear access door that the burner mounts to
  • Easy access flue tube clean out door for simple maintenance
  • Water jacket with 60 gallon capacity
  • Air supply to auto clean the Renovator & minimize maintenance




WoodMaster Ultra Warranty
600 Polk Ave. SW – Red Lake Falls, MN 56750
Toll free (800) 932-3629 or (218) 253-4328
Five (5) Year Warranty on Firebox and Water Jacket

Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. of Red Lake Falls, MN 56750 warrants material and labor on any defects in workmanship on the firebox and water jacket for a period of Five (5) years from the purchase date to the original owner only. If there is a leak in your properly delivered and installed WoodMaster Ultra furnace in the first year, WoodMaster will replace the furnace at no cost to the original owner. (A leak means; a leak in the firebox or water jacket.) Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not be responsible for environmental conditions we cannot control. Therefore, Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will only pay costs of warranty work for years two (2) through five (5) – 100% of warranty work. After the end of the fifth year, Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. provides no other warranty.

A blow down of the furnace and must be performed yearly after each heating season and every six months if the furnace is used year round. After the furnace has had a blow down performed, an annual water test must be taken and immediately treat and refill the furnace. Failure to send in a water sample annually will void the warranty.

This warranty is limited to defective parts – repair and/or replacement only, and excludes any incidental and consequential damages connected therewith. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for replacement of water, water treatment, antifreeze, costs of transportation, or shipping charges. Wood- Master will not cover any construction or modification costs due to the furnace being in a non-accessible area. Any construction or modification costs are the customer’s responsibility.

WARNING: Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not warranty the inside of firebox due to ash corrosion. Ashes must be taken care of as displayed on the maintenance list located in your owner’s manual. The firebox must be completely cleaned of all ashes and creosote a minimum of two (2) times per year, preferably half way through the heating season and immediately after the heating season. If the furnace is being used year round, more maintenance is required thus the firebox must be completely cleaned of all ashes and creosote a minimum of four (4) times per year. Installation of an approved Class “A” insulated chimney and chimney cap must be used.

One (1) Year Warranty on Additional Components – Parts and Labor
Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants to the original owner only, any additional components, including, but not limited to the outer shell, paint, insulation, doors and latches during normal usage for a period of one (1) years from the date of purchase.

One (1) Year Warranty on Electrical Components – Parts and Labor
Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants to the original owner only, any electrical components in the furnace that is defective during normal usage for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.


Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will warranty for a period of one (1) year, any factory defects in materials or workmanship to the wood pellet auger attachment for the WoodMaster Ultra.
Components that come in direct contact with the flame, including, but not limited to; the flame guard, flame deflector, end stop and tube access box insulation are considered consumable parts and are not covered under this warranty.

Parts will be replaced on an even exchange basis.

These warranties apply only if the device is installed and operated as defined in the Owner’s Manual. WoodMaster Furnaces are not intended to be the only source of heat; therefore a backup system should be in place to prevent any damage caused by lack of heat. Your dealer may charge you for a service call to do warranty work.

Damage caused by abuse, accidents, improper installation, overheating, corrosion, freezing, negligence, or excess creosote buildup will not be covered under warranty. Damage caused by burning flammable materials (such as petroleum products), or unapproved fuels will not be covered under warranty.
Only nontoxic antifreeze is acceptable. Antifreeze will break down over a period of time and therefore should be tested annually. Always dispose of antifreeze by state and local codes. Loss of antifreeze under any condition will not be covered.