WoodMaster Mini Boiler

The Mini Boiler is an indoor ASME-certified wood pellet boiler. The compact design utilizes thermal storage to maximize efficiency. EPA Qualified phase 2. 

Download the Brochure (PDF)


Standard color:

Available in red.


  • Flue Pipe - 6" Diameter
  • Connection Hole (Burner) 6" Diameter (approx.)
  • Power Connection - 120v
  • Maximum Output - 102,000 BTU
  • Ash Box Volume - 1.74 Cubic Foot (approx)
  • Weight - 785 Pounds (approx)
  • Boiler Water Capacity - 9.5 Gallons
  • Measurment - 26.5" w x 38"-40h" x 33.5"d + burner and fan d = 49.75"

Download the Brochure (PDF)


The power of pellets:

Wood pellets are 100% sawdust, a by-product from furniture makers, saw, paper and other mills, and otherwise destined for landfills. The sawdust is compressed and formed into 1/4-inch diameter cylinders and packaged in 40 lb. bags or bulk delivery where available.


  • ASME certified pressurized vessel.
  • The 30 kW Renovator unit has approximately 102,000 BTU.
  • Meets and exceeds the EPA Phase 2 emission level @ 0.11lbs/MMBtu.
  • Over 80% on stack loss efficiency.
  • Automatic ignition for heat on demand.
  • Air Cleaned Firepot assures high efficiency burn & minimizes maintenance.
  • Thermal storage to maximize efficiency.
  • Easily connects to existing systems, convert your fossil fuel heat to pellets for independence from foreign oil.
  • Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.
  • Large ash box for longer intervals between cleanings.
  • Easy access ash door in front for quick and easy ash maintenance.
  • Easy access flue tube clean out door for simple maintenance.
  • Compact design that easily fits into tight areas.
  • Burn back protection to keep everyone safe.
  • Efficient heat from wood pellets that supports local economy.


  • The Mini Boiler must be installed in a location that has enough space for easy cleaning and maintenance of the furnace.
  • There must be ample room for the storage hopper and auger assembly.
  • The furnace must be on a level surface that can support the weight of the unit, as well as the weight of a full pellet hopper.
  • The furnace room must have a vent to allow ample fresh air for the combustion process.
  • A vent size of at least 20 sq. in. is recommended.


Sweeping the Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Regular cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes is made from the top by taking the top door and cover off the furnace. Ensure the furnace has had ample time to cool before cleaning the heat exchanger tubes and emptying the ash box. Dispose of ash in a metal container away from combustible materials. When cleaning the heat exchanger tubes ensure that you do not damage the ceramic insulation in the process. The Mini Boiler has an extra-large ash box in the bottom to help with cleaning and maintenance. The ash box should be checked and emptied regularly. The ash box can hold approx. 1.74 cubic feet of ash, or 1-2 weeks’ worth on average heat loads.

Cleaning the Burner

  • Automatic air cleaning handles the daily process.
  • Removal of the firepot takes only a few minutes. Always disconnect the power source first! This is generally done post heating season.


Owner's Resources

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This Warranty is provided by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. only for the benefit of the initial purchaser (Original Owner) of the Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. WoodMaster Mini Boiler (the “Boiler”) on the original site of installation (the “Site of Original Installation”). This Warranty provides specific legal rights. You may have other rights depending on where you live. The rights in this warranty depend on the proper assembly, installation and commissioning of the Boiler by a dealer or installer who is certified by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. (the “Certified Contractor”); and proper operation and maintenance. Proper maintenance in accordance with the Maintenance Intervals (as defined herein) must be preformed. Installation by an uncertified or unqualified contractor or installer and/or improper maintenance, operation, misuse or abuse of the Boiler shall void this Warranty in whole or in part.


Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants that the Pressure Vessel shall be free of defects in material andworkmanship for FIVE (5) YEARS from the Date of Original Installation. If there is a defect in your properly delivered and installed WoodMaster Mini Boiler in the first year, WoodMaster will replace the Pressure Vessel at no cost to the original owner. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will only pay costs of warranty work for years two (2) through five (5) – 100% of warranty work, once a defect is determined, repair or ,replacement of the Pressure Vessel, in a whole or part, will be at the sole discretion of Northwest Manufacturing, Inc..


Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants to the Original Owner, That the Renovator Pellet Burner (the “Burner”) is free from manufacturing defects for the period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not warranty the Flame Guard and endstop on the burner, these items are consumable items and in the case of normal wear is the responsibility of the owner to replace as necessary. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants any electrical components are free from defects for the period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will determine whether to repair or replace the defective parts. This is to include the air compressor and pellet feed auger motor.


Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. warrants to the original owner only, any additional components, including, but not limited to the outer shell, paint, insulation, doors and latches during normal usage for a period of one (1) years from the date of installation.


The Warranty Period shall begin on the date the Boiler and Burner installation has been completed (the “Original Date of Installation”). In the vent of dispute as to the Date of Original Installation, the shipping date of your Boiler and Burner, as recorded by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc., shall be deemed to be the Date of Original Installation.


  • I. Damages for unsatisfactory performance caused by improper installation or any damages caused by or as a result of improper use of the Boiler and Burner, incorrect start-up, incorrect or careless handling, improper control adjustment, incorrect burner adjustment, disregard of the operating instructions and proper maintenance or disregard of any other instructions supplied with the Boiler and Burner, improper operation of the Boiler and Burner or improper alteration and repairs/service by a third party not afiliated with Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not be covered under this warranty. All repairs must be performed by a Certified Contractor.
  • II. The warranty will not cover damage to parts caused by improper installation, improper care or maintenance. The Boiler, Burner and any installed accessories must be serviced, inspected and cleaned at regular intervals. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will NOT warranty damage to the Boiler and Burner due to ash corrosion.
  • III. The workmanship, repairs or replacement of parts of the Certified Contractor will not be covered under this warranty.
  • IV. Components of the heating system not furnished by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. as part of the Boiler and Burner and components of the Burner are not covered under this Warranty. Damages caused by components of the heating system not supplied by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not be covered under this Warranty.
  • V. Fuels used in the Burner must meet the specifications set out by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc.. Suitable fuels are listed in the owners manual. Damage caused by the use of any unapproved fuel, or any fuel that does not meet the guidelines set forth by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. will not be covered by this warranty. The burner must be tested and tuned to proper feed rates according to the owners manual. Failure to properly tune the burner will result in a voided warranty.
  • VI. Any costs for labor for the examination, removal or reinstallation of allegedly defective parts, transportation of the parts to and from Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. facilities will not be covered and will be the responsibility of the Original Owner. This includes any other labor and costs for any material necessary for the said examination, removal or re-installation.
  • VII. The warranty will not cover damage to the Boiler and Burner or any of their original parts, replacement parts or other accessories or standard equipment caused by excessive temperatures or pressures, vandalism, fuel or gas explosion, electrical, chemical or electrochemical reaction, electrical failures, insurrection, riots, war, acts of God, combustion air contaminated externally, air impurities, sulfur or sulfuric action or reaction, dust particles, corrosive vapors, oxygen corrosion, and situating the Boiler and Burner in an unsuitable location or continuing use of the Boiler and Burner after onset of a malfunction or discovery of a defect.
  • VII. Consumable parts, and parts in direct contact with the fiame, will not be covered under this warranty.


The Warranty shall also be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • I. The Boiler and Burner must have been installed by a Certified Contractor.
  • II. The Boiler and Burner must have been properly maintained, cleaned and serviced during the Warranty Periods in accordance to the manual.
  • III. This Warranty is non transferable and only covers the Original Owner, at the original site of installation.
  • IV. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. shall have the time needed and unobstructed access to the Boiler and Burner for the purpose of conducting tests of the Boiler and Burner and for the making of repairs or installation of replacement parts.
  • V. Repairs, replacement or the repair of replacement parts shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty as if they had been installed at the time of original installation.
  • VI. This Warranty is limited to the provisions previously described and does not extend to any Boiler and Burner, related parts or products that are (a) not sold in Canada or the United States; (b) not installed in Canada or the United States; or (c) not purchased from an Authorized Distributor.
  • VII. Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. shall not be responsible for any consequential damages, direct or indirect caused by the products described in this Warranty.


All disputes or claims on the Warranty shall be determined in accordance with the laws of Red Lake County, Minnesota.


Notify the Certified Contractor who installed your Boiler and Burner. The Contractor will then notify Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. who will make all warranty decisions. No warranty work can be carried out without approval from Northwest Manufacturing, Inc.. If the Certified Contractor fails to make a warranty claim, contact Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. directly. Allegedly defective parts MUST be returned to Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. for the purpose of inspection to determine cause of failure.
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