Commercial Boilers

WoodMaster Commercial Series Boiler

Boiler Cross-Section


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Features & Benefits

Efficient, safe


  • Achieves 92% LHV efficiency using digital modulating-output control
  • Delivers maximum Btu for more usable heat
  • Firebrick-lined combustion chamber
  • Separate fans for primary and secondary combustion air
  • No fuels enter any building or grounds area to limit smoke, soot, fire hazards or carbon monoxide buildup



  • Grate elements are made from durable cast chrome steel
  • Underfed burner integrated into the boiler foundation
  • Convenient
  • Automatic ash extraction and soot blowing
  • Remotely monitor and control via the web
  • Customizable control system and user friendly display board




  • Burns CO2-neutral wood fuel
  • Sizes to fit every operation
  • WoodMaster Commercial Series 45, 80, 130, 180, 230, 300, 400, 500, 650, 800, 950, 1300, 1650, 2000


No space for a boiler?
WoodMaster has prefabricated boiler rooms!

Control Cabinet

The WoodMaster PLC-based control cabinets for bio fuel plants include a full-color control panel display with variable modulating power for maximum efficiency control.

  • Completely controls the bio fuel plant – from silo to chimney
  • Relays alarms to assigned staff
  • Automatically regulates heat
  • Provides variable power regulation
  • Efficient combustion control
  • NovaReg Control Cabinet (PDF)

Ash Removal

Ash Extraction System for WoodMaster Commercial Series (PDF)

Emission Control

Emission Control for WoodMaster Commercial Series (PDF)